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I love the Process... :)

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I love the process an Artwork and I, go through before I call it FINISHED...

As an artist, you find yourself living in your work, and by that I mean, a little piece of you is injected into everything you create. It's only natural for that to happen with us Creative People...  Art is an expression of our lives, thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Art is personal, unique, a one of a kind interpretation of a moment in time that we are urged to capture and hold onto.

As I work on a piece of art, no matter what the subject matter or medium, I'm always taken into a throught process of my past, the present and my anticipated future.  My mind wanders as I draw and paint, and I find things popping into my head that I haven't remembered in years, or things that I wish are yet to become a reality.

The processes that I take are wholely and solely for me, and even though my work is more times then not, realisticly based and life like, I find my thought process as I create to be completely un-realistic most of the time. But in saying that, I know that I'm a dreamer and always have been, so this doesn't surprise me at all that I dream as I create.

This month has been particularly busy for me as we celebrated with lots of close family and friends, our 2nd Daughter's gorgeous wedding to the man of her dreams, and then two days later my husband and I ventured out in Western Queensland for a motor home holiday to celebrate our own 26th Wedding Anniversary.

While we were away, I only had time to do some rough sketching on one afternoon, which is completely out of character for me, as I'm normally doing art in some shape or form each and every day.  But our days were so busy and consumed by new places, experiences and faces, that I didn't find the time to create.  My creativity was being neglected and I would find myself craving it by the end of the day, but was too tired to get the motivation to actually do any.  But in saying that, I was very active with my Camera and took hundreds and hundreds of photos, which I found did give me some creative release while we were away.

Since returning home however, over the weekend and getting our lives back to normal, I have picked up the paint brushes again and gotten back into my creative head space, but instead of finding my thoughts drifting off into my usual dream world, I'm remembering every little detail of the past 2 weeks, playing parts over and over in my head, not wanting to let go of the fun times that I have been blessed to experience. :) 

I guess it's different for everyone, how and what they think about when they are working or creating... but for me, it's a process of wonderful thoughts and mind adventures helping me along with my creative process. :)

Here are a few images of the process one of my artworks go through, from start to finish... 

 the process down ellis lane 0  the process down ellis lane 1  the process down ellis lane 2

the process down ellis lane 3  the process down ellis lane 4  the process down ellis lane 5





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